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Reasons people try therapy with Orchid​

Deciding whether or not therapy is for you can be daunting and time consuming. People try therapy through Orchid to help them understand their emotions and answer some of life's tough questions. 

Career Happiness

"I'm not happy at work, but am scared to make a change. What should I do?"

Focus & Productivity

"My focus dwindles from time to time, how can I maximize productivity?"


"I've been feeling down lately and struggling to find motivation to achieve my goals." 


"I'm not sure if I'm in the right relationship, but am scared to end it."

Mood & Emotions

"My mood can change drastically and I want to learn to manage it better."


"I've been feeling anxious lately and want to cope with it better."

Leadership Stress

"I lead a team and am struggling to deal with stress while maintaining my effectiveness as a leader."

Family Pressure

"My family doesn't understand my lifestyle and I'm feeling a lot of pressure to do things a certain way." 


"I feel lost and directionless in life."


"My self-esteem is lacking and I would like tools to feel more confident at work and in my personal life."

Reasons people try therapy with Orchid

Brilliant professionals love Orchid

“I spent the last 10 years building software, which involved racing to hit deadlines and getting too wrapped up with work to pay attention to my own wellbeing. We accumulate a lot of emotional baggage, especially as entrepreneurs and young professionals trying to bring a vision to life. Because of Orchid, I’ve found a therapist I gel with and am on the way to unloading some of that baggage.”

- James Tamplin, Co-Founder, Firebase

"I had been curious about therapy, but it was hard to take the first step. Orchid helped me get started, and solidified my belief that mental health is fundamental to my well being: it’s something that I should monitor and work on, and it’s okay to get help. The space and therapist made me feel very welcome and eased the anxiety I felt for trying therapy for the first time."

- Sina Vaziri, Business Analytics @ Pivotal 

Here are a few of the therapists we've worked with

Niketa Kumar, Therapist, PhD

Jeremy Ortman, Therapist, LMHC

Derek Rubinstein, Therapist, PsyD

Vivian Lee Pichardo, Therapist, PsyD

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Gregory Desierto, Therapist, LMHC

Jessica Katzman, Therapist, PsyD

Atheena Matcham, Therapist, MA, LFMT

Dr. Emily Anhalt, Therapist, PsyD

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We make taking care of your mind modern, accessible, and enjoyable. 


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