Mental Health
for the 21st Century.
We help individuals and corporations take care of their mental health.
Mental Health isn’t one-size fits all

Whether you’re an individual or a large company, we can help you find a solution that meets your needs.

Orchid (Beam) Mental Health Solutions

Corporate Workshops

Invest in your people with workshops designed to help build resilience and healthy work-life balance.

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Find a great therapist to help you overcome challenges and unblock stuck emotions.

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“I spent the last 10 years building software, which involved racing to hit deadlines and getting too wrapped up with work to pay attention to my own wellbeing. We accumulate a lot of emotional baggage, especially as entrepreneurs and young professionals trying to bring a vision to life. Because of Orchid, I’ve found a therapist I gel with and am on the way to unloading some of that baggage.”​

- James Tamplin, Co-Founder, Firebase

For our annual Founders Summit we wanted to address the role of self-awareness and emotional health in tech. Orchid’s workshops were excellent and. Dr. Anhalt was an incredible facilitator.  The insights/exercises she had for the group were engaging & informative.”

- Eric Chin, Founder, Alpha Summit

"I had been curious about therapy, but it was hard to take the first step. Orchid helped me get started, and solidified my belief that mental health is fundamental to my well being: it’s something that I should monitor and work on, and it’s okay to get help. The space and therapist made me feel very welcome and eased the anxiety I felt for trying therapy for the first time."

- Sina Vaziri, Business Analytics @ Pivotal


We’ve worked with companies across the nation.

Orchid (Beam): A Gym for Mental Health

A digital app and a brick & mortar location for mental health for workshops, therapy, and community. We are based in San Francisco, but will be expanding to other cities soon. Enter your city to find out when we're available in your city.

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